Tools: Specs & Standards

These spec and standards tools support a variety of construction projects.

Standards Groups:

American Society for Testing & Materials (ASTM):

Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineers (IEEE):

National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA):

American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE):

American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME):


International Organization for Standardization (ISO):


Department of Defense (DOD):

Department of Energy (DOE):

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA):

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) National Dam Safety Program:

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA):

Nation Institute of Building Science (NIBS) Whole Building Design Guide (WBDG):

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Engineer Research & Development Center (ERDC):

State of Texas:

Texas Dept. of Transportation (TxDOT) Specifications:

TxDOT: Bid Averages:

TxDOT Departmental Material Specs (DMS):

TxDOT CAD Standard Plan Files:

City of San Antonio (COSA):

Documents online:

COSA Standard Specs:

COSA Standards Specs for Construction (2008):

CPS Energy Specs:

San Antonio Water System (SAWS) Specs:


American Concrete Institute (ACI):

American Iron & Steel Institute (AISI):

American National Standards Institute (ANSI):

American Segmental Bridge Institute (ASBI):

Post-Tensioning Institute (PTI):

The Water Institute:

Spec & STD Services:

Free specs, standards, handbooks, documents and pubs:

Standards service:

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