Tools: Calculators & Tables

These calculators, converters and tables support a variety of construction projects.

Asphalt & Paving Estimator:

Aggregate Calculator:

Asphalt Calculator:

Hotmix & Oil:

Pavement Calculator:

Concrete & Rebar:

Block, Concrete & Rebar:

Labor & Material Costs:

Rebar Sizes & Weights (US):

Rebar Sizes & Weights (Metric):

Sheet Piling Calculations:

Welded Wire Mesh:


Calculate Excavation:

Landscaping Calculator:

Estimator References:

Full Line of Estimator Tools:

Takeoff Tool (free download to view, print & measure):


Basic & Advanced Estimating Tools:


Metric-to-English/Imperial Conversion:

Power Units Conversion:

Temperature and Others:


Diesel Generator Sizing Calculator:

Diesel Consumption Chart:

Electric Motor Amperage:

Power Calculation Formulas:

Power System Analysis & Power Factor Correction:

Power Units Convert:

Voltage Drop Calculator:

Voltage Drop Calculator (NEC):

Wire Gauge Reference Table:

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC):

HVAC Calculator:

House AC Calculator:

Air Flow Calculator:

Ceiling Fan Calculator:

Attic Ventilation Calculator:

Air Exchange Calculator:


Amortization Calculator (up to $10M):

Break-even Calculator:

Currency Converter:

Parshall Flume Calculations:

Return-on-investment (ROI) Calculator:

Starting-cost Estimator:


Exterior Paint Calculator:

Paint Calculator:


Basic & Expert Calculations:

Waste to Energy:

Fuel Value & Power Calculators:

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