Featured Projects

POWER: CPS Energy R&A (36th St. Substation)

One of a series of new heavy-construction projects for the repair and alteration (R&A) of the existing CPS Energy substation array. This new construction Project at the 36th St. Substation modernized a previous Kelly Air Force Base (KAFB) Substation (SS) to meet the present and future needs of Port San Antonio. The Project included installing and managing the temporary Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SW3P), grubbing & clearing, placing base, demolition of a decommissioned fuel-system pipeline, excavation, subgrade prep, and the installation of SS grounding loops, a precast Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) tank, and chainlink/barbed wire security fence and gates.

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POWER: CPS Energy R&A (Talley Rd. Substation)

One of a series of heavy-construction projects at CPS Energy facilities for the repair and alteration (R&A) of existing substations, switchyards, transmission towers, access roads, site security, etc. The classes of work include: excavation, demolition and sitework; drilling; cast-in-place concrete; paving and striping; bridges and culverts; erosion protection; barricades, fences and gates; etc. This particular project at the Talley Rd. Substation included finish grading and paving.

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POWER: Solar Power Plant #1

A heavy-construction project in San Antonio, Texas, to build the municipal utility’s first renewable-energy power plant..

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